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Down to Earth Training & Assessing is NOW doing Traineeships in the following areas of Civil Construction.

RII20715 Certificate II in Civil Construction

RII30815 Certificate II in Civil Construction Plant Operations

RII31615 Certificate II in Trenchless Technology

RII30915 Certificate III in Civil Construction, including:

Bituminous Surfacing, Pipe Laying, Road Construction & Maintenance, Road Marking, Traffic Management & Civil Construction General.

RII40715 Certificate IV in Civil Construction Supervision

Are you sick & tired of your current training organisation giving you sub-standard service?
Would you like to have or see a change of attitude towards your training requirements?
Why would you NOT think about putting your valued employees through a traineeship?




Traineeships are a Government Funded initiative providing an avenue for employers to train both their new & existing staff to achieve accredited qualifications utilising Government assisted funding.

Training is delivered fully or partially on the job & depending on the qualification can take between 6 months & 2 years to complete.
Down to Earth work in collaboration with the organisation & the trainee to deliver the training in an environment which promotes active learning with minimal impact to ensure it is ‘business as usual’ or as close to it as possible.


Funding for Trainees

Government Funding

There are a number of state & federal government funding schemes & incentives available for eligible employees. This often results in a positive cashflow outcome.
Please contact us for more information on eligibility criteria.

  1. Payroll Tax Exemption
    Employees enrolled in a nationally recognised traineeship will be exempt from payroll tax for the term of the training contract.
  2. Federal Incentives
    The Federal Government  provides incentives for eligible NEW workers who enrol into nationally recognised qualifications.

Please refer to for further information.

Kick Starting Your Career


Construstion Training Fund

Construction Training Fund 

Funding Support Overview

The Construction Training Fund is helping to develop the skills required in a modern, safe and productive building and construction industry by supporting training programs across all sectors of the industry.

Since its inception, the Construction Training Fund has distributed over $360 million to support training in the industry. Over $30 million was invested in training during the financial period year 2014/15.

Subsidy Guidelines

Guidelines to eligibility and the range of programs and subsidies provided by the Construction Training Fund can be found at:

With great Payroll Tax deductions & great funding incentives of up to $8000.00 per trainee through the Construction Training Fund, now is a great time to act.

Some of the benefits to the employer or the business include:

  • The staff is trained to the business needs & requirements
  • Better productivity & staff retention
  • Employees gain nationally recognised qualifications & competencies with a minimum of business downtime
  • Potential government funding & incentives are available, these are designed to help your company grow & stay ahead of your competitors
  • Providing employees internal promotion opportunities


Now is the time to act & call Kim at DTE to organise for a site visit.

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