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Dogging and C2 Crane combined course now last 9 days

As you may know/have experienced, we usually operate a 5 Day Dogging course, 4 day C2 Crane course or a combined 8 Day course with the C2 commencing on the Friday the Dogging would be finishing. We have had a look into this and decided for all students to gain every possible experience and aspect of their training better, we have decided to change this a little bit. Dogging and C2 Crane combined course will now be a 9 day course. We will be running the Dogging course Monday-Friday and the C2 Crane course the following Monday-Thursday. Making this easier for those only completing Dogging OR C2 and for all attendee's to have sole focus on them!

If anyone has any questions, queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us on 08 9528 8888.