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White Card Update

A new unit of competency CPCCWHS1001 Prepare to Work Safely in the Construction Industry was implemented on 08/12/2016 in replacement of the previous White Card unit of competency CPCCOHS1001A Work Safely in the Construction Industry.

The performance evidence requirements of the new unit are more in-depth and will require any candidate completing their White Card to demonstrate competency via further verbal communications and a physical demonstration, namely:

  • Orally reporting two constructions hazards;
  • Orally explaining how risk could be reduced/removed in relation to those two hazards;
  • Orally explaining basic procedures for responding to incidents and emergencies including types and purpose of fire safety equipment;
  • Orally explaining the meaning of safety signs and symbols;
  • Orally explaining roles and responsibilities of designated health and safety personnel;
  • Demonstration of correctly fitting themselves with nominated PPE.

Knowledge evidence requirements have also changed, with addition of further topics that the candidate must demonstrate their theoretical knowledge in to confirm competence. Some of the new and/or more extensive topics now include:

  • Basic procedures for accessing first aid;
  • Specific construction hazards such as asbestos, confined spaces, electrical, excavations and trenches, hazardous substances and dangerous goods, noise, plant and equipment operation, unplanned collapse, UV radiation, working at heights etc;
  • Construction emergencies;
  • Construction incidents;
  • Safe work practices.

At this stage, we understand that the White Card can still be delivered as an online course under the new unit, but changes will need to be implemented in order to meet the new requirements above. It is also understood that the new White Card course should be delivered over 6 hours (for face to face delivery – previously 4 hours).

Down to Earth are currently working on changes to implement the new White Card courses (online and face to face) as soon as possible. All RTO’s have a one year transition period to comply with and implement the changes.

Any candidate who already holds a current and valid White Card will not be required to complete another White Card just because the unit has changed (unless it is a requirement of their employer to hold the new unit of competency). The new unit is considered equivalent to the old unit, so you can also contact your issuing RTO to arrange a replacement statement of attainment with the new unit of competency.

Details of the new unit of competency can be viewed via the following link: