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Let’s talk about VOC’s

Let’s talk about VOC’s

There is a lot being said about VOC’s, but the basics of a VOC is that it is NOT worth the paper/plastic it is written on.

An issued Statement of Attainment is a document that is issued to a person, once that person has been deemed COMPETENT, against a National Unit of Competency by a suitably qualified Cert IV Trainer & Assessor.

A VOC is a Verification of Competency. A piece of worthless plastic with no formal meaning or qualification.

I see a lot of companies JUST doing internal VOC’s on their employees, without conducting an assessment against a unit of competency from a National recognised Training Package. So how can you determine or deem that someone competent, unless you have something to compare it to?

The companies & the employees must realise, that whilst this may satisfy a requirement from a work contract perspective, if an accident was to happen & god forbid, a fatality was to happen, a VOC will NOT protect them from possible prosecution or protect them in a court of law.

When VOC’s first came out, the rules that followed the introduction, was that the individual being VOC’d, MUST have or hold a current Statement of Attainment against a current unit of competency.

This is how it should be done & this is how we, at DTE do this.  

We are happy to do or redo an individual’s old Statements of Attainment & bring them into line with current standards, THIS WHAT YOU WILL PAY FOR & if necessary we will do a VOC at the same time, on a specific machine & we will issue a FREE VOC against that unit of competency & against that specific machine.

We will ONLY issue a VOC if you can prove or show us that you have been deemed competent by a qualified Trainer/Assessor & you hold a current unit of competency, but we WILL update you, so you are current.

Many of our clients, when they ask us to come to site & do VOC’s, they see us issuing new Statements of Attainment against a up to date unit of competency & say to us “we are NOT paying for this!! I want a VOC” But when I explain to them that what they are getting is an up to date unit of competency & that they are getting the VOC free, they change their mind very quickly, as they are getting the best of both worlds.

In summing up, A VOC is NOT the BEES KNEES & a VOC will NEVER replace Statement of Attainment against a National Unit of Competency.

So when you consider asking us at DTE “Can you please VOC me on an excavator” & we say NO, BUT, we can assess you & issue you with a Statement of Attainment against a unit of competency, PLEASE know that a Statement of Attainment issued to you IS THE BEST & IT IS NATIONALLY RECOGNISED.